Etterlysende tape m/piler 50mmx10m

Etterlysende tape m/piler 50mmx10m
kr 820,00 Eks. MVA

Realglow Etterlysende Tape m/piler 50x10000mm. Ledesystem på rull.

Lumninans: 175 / 23 - 2100


Jinan Realglow Photoluminescent Tape RGT-M are made of Realglow photoluminescent pigment and good quality PVC material. After absorbing visible light for 10-30 minutes, Realglow photoluminescent films will glow more than 12 hours in the darkness.


Physical and chemical properties:

The glow in the dark tape is light yellow color in the day, yellow-green color in the night, itis non-toxic, non-radioactive.


Reason to choose soft tape:

-available with a high performance adhesive.

-non-aging with long lasting luminance.

-easy to process.



Application on most clean, dry, smooth non-porous surface.

Uses for emergency evacuation, general safety and caution warning. Ideal for signs and escape routes, and for marking exits,stairways, corridors, hallways, directions, firefighting and emergency life-saving equipment, controls and hazards.

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